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1736.3 TRIPS Part II: International Trade meets Public Health: TRIPS and Access to Medicines, Abridged
This is an abridged version of case NR15-04-1736.0. The Agreement on Trade-Related Intellectual Property (TRIPS) at the World Trade Organization (WTO) was the most comprehensive and far-reaching international agreement on intellectual property rights ever made. Perhaps the most widely discussed TRIPS-related issue was the debate over the impact of the agreement on efforts to improve public health in the developing world. Some developing countries held that TRIPS patent rules prevented them from having access to essential medicines, concerns that were intensified by the dramatic rise in the incidence of HIV/AIDS. Nonprofits such as Doctors without Borders accused drug companies of putting "patents over people." Negotiations ensued at the WTO to address these concerns. This case can be used alone or in conjunction with "TRIPS Part I, International Trade Meets Intellectual Property: The Making of the TRIPS Agreement" (1661.0).
Date Published: 3/7/2008
Format: PAPER
(incl. exhibits)
Authors: Charan Devereaux
Sponsors: Robert Lawrence
Michael Watkins
Funding Source:Weil Program on Collaborative Governance (KSG CBG)

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