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2026.0 Betting Private Capital on Fixing Public Ills
Instiglio Brings Social Impact Bonds to Colombia
8/1/2014 Case P. Varley, D. Levy
2023.0 Nuclear Power & the Language of Diplomacy
Negotiating a Game-Changing Nuclear Trade Agreement with India
6/18/2014 Case P. Varley, R. Burns
2021.0 Negotiating from the Margins
The Santa Clara Pueblo Seeks Key Ancestral Lands
5/22/2014 Case P. Varley, K. Hong
2020.0 In the Crossfire
Guns, Legislative Leadership and Recall Politics in Colorado
6/18/2014 Case D. King, L. Winig
2019.0 Expanding Health Insurance to Millions
Learning from the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment
5/22/2014 Case A. Datla, A. Chandra, E. Myers
2018.0 Hero or Traitor? Edward Snowden and the NSA Spying Program 4/30/2014 Case L. Winig, C. Robichaud
2016.0 Inundation
The Slow-Moving Crisis of Pakistan’s 2010 Floods (B)
6/16/2014 Case A. Howitt, D. Tannenwald
2015.0 Inundation
The Slow-Moving Crisis of Pakistan’s 2010 Floods (A)
6/16/2014 Case A. Howitt, D. Tannenwald
2014.0 Role Responsibility, Official Disobedience, and the Supreme Court's Ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act 4/30/2014 Case L. Winig, C. Robichaud
2012.0 Knowledge Management at the World Bank
Part 2
3/13/2014 Case L. Prusak, D. Oppenheimer
2011.0 Providing Pensions for the Poor
Targeting Cash Transfers for the Elderly in Mexico
3/5/2014 Case D. Levy, J. Coarasa
2010.0 Rebuilding Aceh
Indonesia’s BRR Spearheads Post-Tsunami Recovery
4/30/2014 Case A. Howitt, D. Giles
2008.0 Shaping the Future of Solar Power
Climate Change, Industrial Policy and Free Trade (Part B)
12/4/2013 Case R. Lawrence, A. Datla
2007.0 The Geography of Poverty
Exploring the Role of Neighborhoods in the Lives of Urban, Adolescent Poor
12/2/2013 Case H. Riley Bowles, A. Datla
2005.0 The Hormone Therapy Controversy
What Makes Reliable Evidence
11/13/2013 Case A. Datla, A. Chandra, E. Myers
2003.0 Primary Education in Pakistan
Show Me the Evidence
4/30/2014 Case A. Datla, A. Khwaja
2002.0 Target of Opportunity
South Africa’s Western Cape Seeks a Role in the African Oil Boom
3/5/2014 Case P. Varley, R. Hausmann
1999.0 Lesotho Hospital and Filter Clinics
A Public-Private Partnership
10/3/2013 Case H. Lee
1998.0 Cutting Costs in Financial Hard Times
Two Massachusetts Towns Consider a Police Merger
7/18/2013 Case D. King, P. Varley
1996.0 Women as Leaders
Lessons from Political Quotas in India
7/18/2013 Case A. Datla, R. Pande, R. Pande

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