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1903.0 Designing Impact Evaluations: Assessing Jamaica’s PATH Program
This case asks participants to put themselves in the position of a government official in charge of selecting an evaluation design to assess the impact of a social program.  The goal is to illustrate the tradeoffs that are made in the real world when trying to balance the desire for a rigorous and credible evaluation design with the logistic, political, financial and ethical constraints that so frequently arise in evaluating social programs.  Participants are asked to assess the strengths and weaknesses of three possible evaluation designs using as criteria the scientific rigor, political feasibility, logistical implications, and financial feasibility of each design.  The case is based on a set of events that took place in the context of an impact evaluation of a conditional cash transfer program in Jamaica.
Date Published: 4/30/2009
Format: PAPER
(incl. exhibits)
Authors: Daniel Bjorkegren
Dan Levy
Michael Mccreless
Funding Source:Harvard Kennedy School SLATE Initiative

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